About us



Senior Technician in Navigation, Fishing and Maritime Transport, Merchant Navy Height Pattern.

I have worked in the whale watching sector in the Strait of Gibraltar for the last 7 years, and this has helped me discover that I love sharing with others the experiences and knowledge that I am acquiring every day.

Since I was little, my parents have instilled in me the respect and enjoyment of being in nature, which leads me to want to know a little more about this paradise that surrounds us every day.



Biologist, with a master’s degree in oceanography and marine and marine environment management.

Admiration for the sea and especially for cetaceans has always been present in me.

I have 8 years of experience in whale watching in the Strait of Gibraltar and a stay in Península Valdés, Argentina. In addition to working as a biologist guide, throughout that time, I have combined my work with cetacean research projects and environmental education on the Catalan coast and Mexico.

My goal is to spread my fascination for the marine environment through awareness and education in order to conserve it and, what better than transmitting it in this project that I have embarked on!



Biologist, with a master’s degree in conservation, management and restoration of biodiversity and seafaring.

My enthusiasm for the sea and travel has led me to be involved in research and volunteer projects related to marine animals in places as diverse as Nicaragua, Cape Verde, Greece… including several seasons in the Strait of Gibraltar.

I have also taught environmental education workshops for children trying to instill in them respect for what surrounds us and for the planet.

This concern and the desire to make known what I like the most, have led me to be part of this project.

our boat

Our boat is a Sabor of 7.5m in length, comfortable, modern and quiet to navigate. It is equipped with all the latest generation navigation instruments, a spacious cabin with a wide angle of visibility for the Skipper, as well as comfortable seats for passengers in different areas of the boat (inside and outside). It has a toilet inside the cabin.

The boat has capacity for only 8 people including crew, so you can enjoy a family atmosphere and personalized treatment.


Environmental education and dissemination are fundamental tools to publicize and become aware of what we have. At Estrecho Natura, in addition to taking advantage of every outing we do to explain live everything we are observing, we have different lines within the entity to help everyone have access to learn our great passion.


If you are interested in any of our training activities, do not hesitate to contact us!


    This activity contributes to achieving the goals of the following SDGs:


    A fundamental axis of our entity is the investigation of the species that we observe and their habitat. For this reason, we collect data from the sightings made from our boat during each outing and, together with other entities, we collaborate to develop other projects that contribute to greater knowledge.