We are located between two coasts, the African and the European, located opposite each other, and separated by the emblematic Strait of Gibraltar: a place full of history and abundant biodiversity. And forming part of it, we find the Bay of Algeciras from where the Rock of Gibraltar can be seen.


During our trips you will be able to learn about the wonders that the area hides, being the first Intercontinental Biosphere Reserve in the Mediterranean and being in the heart of the Natural Park of the Strait.


Its importance and interest in its conservation is reflected in the different protection figures that have been declared so far, being a Special Conservation Area (ZEC), a Special Bird Area (ZEPA) and a Site of Community Interest (LIC).

Join us and discover the wealth that the southern coast of Cádiz has!


350 species of birds

7 species of cetaceans

2 natural parks



In 1921 the first capture was made in the Whaling of Algeciras

The first year 595 whales and 47 sperm whales were captured

Mainly oils, amber and products for the pharmaceutical industry were sold.

It closed due to lack of activity in 1960, but the last whale in Spain was hunted in 1987


They were formed millions of years ago

Alternating layers of hard (sandstone) and soft (clay) rocks

Each layer corresponds to a period of a thousand years

From the boat you can see in all its fullness