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How can I make my booking?

You can make your reservation through the web, our mail, telephone or WhatsApp. Regardless of the mode of reservation, to formalize the reservation a 30% deposit must be made. The confirmation of the reservation will be effective after receiving the deposit.

What happens if the trip is cancelled?

The activity depends on weather conditions. If the excursion is canceled for reasons unrelated to the client (bad weather or unforeseen operation of the boats), the possibility of changing the date or refunding the total amount of the ticket will be offered.

Can I get sea sick?

Sea sickness is something very particular to each person, if you are prone to dizziness or do not know if you get sea sick, it is recommended to take some remedy before boarding, be it medication, natural remedy or carry some type of remedy with you. Keep in mind that sea sickness can also be caused by having eaten a large amount of food, avoid very greasy or difficult-to-digest foods.

What is the guarantee of seeing animals?

We guarantee the sighting of at least one species in our trips for the observation of cetaceans in the wild, with this we promise that in the unlikely event of not seeing a species, a new trip will be granted completely free of charge courtesy of the entity.

Does the boat have a toilet?

Yes, the boat has a bathroom for greater comfort for our passengers

I am pregnant, Can I do the activity?

Generally, you can board if you are pregnant. We ask and it is essential that you inform us in advance of the state of pregnancy in which you are, being safer to consult with your doctor. For pregnancies at risk or in a very advanced state, the activity is not recommended. If the captain does not see the boarding as appropriate, they will be informed before carrying out the activity. It is necessary to sign a responsibility consent document for all cases.

Is it necessary to book before doing the trip?

Yes and it is reccomended to make the reservation in advance. The capacity of our boat is for very small groups, so it is better to make a reservation in advance and be able to ensure the availability of places for the chosen date.

Can I modify or cancell my booking?

The reservation can be modified or canceled up to 24 hours before departure. If the modification is made more than 24 hours in advance, the amount paid will be refunded, otherwise, the refund will not be possible.

What should I bring?

To carry out our activity, it is highly recommended to wear sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat or cap, comfortable shoes with rubber soles such as slippers (high-heeled shoes, sandals and flip-flops are not recommended) and a sweatshirt, raincoat or windbreaker. .

Can I bring some food?

You can bring something to eat during the outings such as a sandwich, snack or something easy to handle (please, be careful that no packaging ends up in the sea). It is recommended to bring a drink (non-alcoholic and avoiding glass containers).

When do I have to be at the meeting point?

Being 15 minutes before boarding time will be enough. Next to the boarding area, there is easy-access parking. However, it is recommended to leave with enough time in advance to arrive at the agreed time.

Who can do the activity?

The trips are suitable for a very wide audience. However, please notify us in advance if any person suffers from any type of disability, disorder, physical discomfort or reduced mobility that must be taken into account when carrying out the activity. The captain will have the final decision before making the departure considering the conditions that may occur during the crossing, always taking into account the welfare of the passengers. For this reason, if deemed appropriate, a responsibility consent document will be signed.

Can I take my dog with me?

In general, no, however, if the boat is for exclusive use, the option can be assessed. Please keep in mind that depending on the animal it may react to the browsing experience.