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Avistamiento de aves en el mar

If you are a bird lover, this is your trip! The Strait of Gibraltar is one of the most important places in the world for bird watching, with around 300 migrating species crossing each year. Land and sea birds make this place a unique enclave for their observation, attended by people from all over the world. Now you have the opportunity to experience this phenomenon from the sea.

Among the main species that can be observed we have:

Terrestrial: the white stork and the black kite are the most abundant during their migration season, but many other species can also be seen, including honey buzzards, griffon vultures, short-toed snake eagles, harriers, booted eagles,…

Marine: the Cory’s shearwater is the most numerous species that crosses the waters of the Strait, although we can also observe other species such as the Balearic shearwater, gannets, storm petrels and even puffins depending on their time of passage.

  • Adult price: 89 €.
  • Price for children (up to 14 years old): 59 €.


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