¡Somos Estrecho Natura!

We introduce ourselves, we are Estrecho Natura!


Hello everyone! We are Álvaro, Cris and Irene: a group of young people (a skipper and two biologists) from different parts of the country united by our passion for the sea.

For this reason, after having worked together for a few years, we wanted to take the leap and undertake our personal project that excites us so much: Estrecho Natura .

This project was born from the idea of raising awareness, disseminating and instilling the importance of the marine environment and its biodiversity through boat trips in the Bay of Algeciras and in such an emblematic place as the Strait of Gibraltar.

Among the main purposes of the entity is to use the boat with which the outings are made as a classroom in the sea, in a place steeped in history but above all unique. Here, in addition to having the great opportunity to navigate between two continents and two seas, there is a great biodiversity that must be known for it to last.

We want that through our departures the passengers who accompany us do not remain indifferent and take with them an unforgettable experience. That they feel that connection with the sea and that they become aware of what we have and what must be done to preserve what we see in nature.

With each outing we want to contribute to conservation through awareness, by seeing these animals in their natural habitat. Thus, in addition to explaining what is observed at each moment and the collection of scientific data, it also raises the problem of what is exposed and what can be done on a day-to-day basis and is within our reach to help take care of what we have.

For us it is essential to teach what we know to contribute to its preservation, therefore, we want to transmit it to as many people as possible, we have that firm purpose!